SysMus, or the International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, is a series of conferences for students by students.

SysMus promotes systematic musicology as an interdisciplinary field by giving students who study music from computational, psychological, sociological and other non-traditional perspectives the opportunity to interact with each other and with successful professionals in the field.

The SysMus conference series offers students the chance to

  • practice conference organizing,
  • practice presenting their research,
  • visit internationally recognized institutions in systematic musicology, and
  • network in an interdisciplinary environment.

For more information on the SysMus conference series, please have a look: SysMus Conference Series.

This year, SysMus is hosted by the Music Cognition Lab at Queen Mary University of London!

Founded in 2011, the Music Cognition Lab is a multidisciplinary research team conducting pioneering research on music perception and cognition. Ongoing projects are investigating dynamic, predictive processing of melodic, rhythmic and harmonic structure in music, and the impact of such processing on emotional and aesthetic experience. The lab uses a combination of psychological, neuroscientific and computational methods to understand the perception and experience of music, including cognitive models of statistical learning and probabilistic prediction



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